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RI Workers' Compensation Laws

  1. Injuries Covered by Workers' Compensation
  2. Definition of Disability
  3. Weekly Compensation Benefits
  4. Reduction in Weekly Benefits
  5. Retirement
  6. Duration of Benefits
  7. Medical Care
  8. Scarring and Loss of Use
  9. Vocational Rehabilitation
  10. Reinstatement to Employment
  11. Payment of Claims/Forms
  12. Court Procedure
  13. Settlement of Claims
  14. Attorney's Fees
  15. Social Security Disability Benefits
  16. Negligence Claims

Scarring and Loss of Use

In addition to weekly compensation, an injured worker is entitled to compensation for any disfigurement on his/her body as well as compensation for loss of use of a body part (hand, arm, leg, etc.). An injured worker is entitled to this type of compensation even if he/she did not lose any time from work because of the injury.

Disfigurement is defined as any disfigurement of the body such as a scar or swelling, limp, etc. The amount of compensation for disfigurement is entirely subjective. Loss of use is expressed by a physician as a percentage degree of impairment of a body part. The amount of compensation for loss of use is calculated according to a formula based on the percentage degree of impairment expressed by the physician.

Read full text of statute » 28-33-19


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