Vocational Rehabilitation


An injured worker is entitled to an evaluation by a certified vocational rehabilitation counselor of their choice. The cost of the evaluation shall be paid by the insurance company.

Any employer or injured worker with a total or permanent partial disability may submit a proposal for a vocational rehabilitation program. The rehabilitation program will be submitted by a certified rehabilitation counselor who will also administer the program. The program may include anything ranging from job search assistance to formal retraining and schooling. Once the proposal is approved, the insurance company is required to pay for all aspects of the rehabilitation program. Workers’ compensation benefits may not be reduced or terminated while the injured worker is participating in the program. However, compensation benefits may be suspended if an injured worker refuses to participate in a rehabilitation program that was approved by the Workers’ Compensation Court or agreed to by the injured worker and the insurance company. 

Read full text of statute » 28-33-41.
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